Wednesday , January 27 2021

Question about Pinilla against Blue Blue will be decided on November 30: the striker will start at Atlas Soccer

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Hans Scott Agency of ONE

The teleserie enters its final series. More than local hours of hearing It was what lasted between the first audience Mauricio Pinilla and the leadership of Blue blue in the Labor Court of San Miguel, in the context of the lawsuit required by the previous accusation of unfair dismissal by the University of Chile.

According to El Mercurio reported, in the audience the previous defense of the Blue Player was presented as witnesses Julio Cereceda, Antonio Guzmán and Gonzalo Diéguez.

Meanwhile, in the name of Blue Blue, they stood Ronald Fuentes, Pablo Silva, Eduardo Alamos and Mauricio Valenzuela. They also did it Juan Saliva, lawyer of Athletic Club Colón and the vice president of the club & Sabalero, Horacio Darrás.

The representatives of the Trans-Iranian cast were certified that they had an agreement and that they offered Pinilla to pay the taxes of their contract, the previous one declined the operation. In addition, they assured that they had offered a third year of third stay to pay these taxes, which were accepted by their agents but not by the player.

"We're calm, the club has done badly and now we are waiting for the resolution quietly," said Pinilla after the hearing. The previous one, in soccer, It would leave in January to the Atlas of Mexico, a club where a military man Lorenzo Kings and that is now run Ángel Guillermo Hoyos.

Meanwhile, Alejandro Cáriz, the lawyer's attorney, said "we have left the audience very calm. We're sure we'll repeat: Mauricio was shot at the July 31 press conference."

The addition added that "we have shown that he did not leave the concentration without the authorization of the club on July 27 and Now we are waiting for confidence in the decision of November 30 ".

Meanwhile, José Joaquín Lazo, Azul-Azul Lawyer, said, "for us it was clear that Mauricio had offered a bid, negotiated it, accepted it and signed a contract. There is no discussion about whether the recording or transfer of their rights has been completed or not. the signature of this document canceled its contract with "U".

Now we will have to wait until November 30 to know what the Labor Court of San Miguel is in one of the most recent cases of the last time in national football.

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