Sunday , June 11 2023

Raquel Argandoña recalled a sad moment when she was living with Kel Calderon as a child


The now co-host of "Welcome," Raquel Argandoña revealed a sad moment his daughter Kel Calderón lived in the program "Sin Límite" of Radio Agriculture, together with Patricia Maldonado.

This time Raquel Argandoña he remembered the difficult times he lived when Kel Calderon was living with his father and, having spent a weekend with her, he had to order his affairs to return to Hernán.

"On Sunday, at 4 o'clock, you had to prepare his things, because he had to go the Kel, who said to you, "Mom, mom, can't I stay with you until Monday?" Like terrible fat …", Argandoña reminded.

Then he added:When you split up, things aren't always the way you want them to be. You want good communication with your ex-partner, which would be ideal (…) How good would be good communication".

Here you can listen to the excerpt:


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