Monday , January 25 2021

"Red" hits "Queen of Franklin" and remains the second most watching office on his schedule – Shows and culture

This Monday began the return and the return to space talents. Tvn


The day began to go back inside "Red, the color of talent" Where expensive participants of the first and second season to look for a place in the talent program led by Alvaro Escobar. After each presentation, the jury, which included the integration of the television critic Vasco Mullian, Canceled one participant and chose who will remain in the competition to enter the contest again.


With this chapter, & # 39; Rojo & # 39; Scored an online rating of 7.4 points between 7:00 and 9:00, keeping his loyal audience on a competitive day. In this measurement field, Mega scored 15.1, Channel 13 6.4 and CHV 4.0 units. In addition, "Rojo" stands in front of the premiere of "La Reina de Franklin" between 8:00 and 9:00 pm: TVN program led on the 13 channel fiction with an average online rating of 8.0 units compared to 7.0 points in the series.

In social networks, the public also preferred the talent program. The Hattag #RojoLaRevancha Rated as the most explicit, being the number one afternoon, producing more comments than its programmatic ability, including mega teleseries. However, this was not just a trending topic since #Millangel, the name given by the public on the relationship between Juan Angel Mallorca and Millarai Mandiola, was also among the most mentioned topics of the afternoon.


The first on his face on the stage of 'Red' For the return were members of the second season. Little Valeria Fernandez, Daniela Arvana, Camilla Benavides and John Soto are close to the possibility of reentering the program, while Valentina Silva, Gonzalez, Rodrigo Matus and Javier Gonzalez were forced to leave the program forever.

In this chapter, the participants in the first season to compete for a place in Edom were also known: Felipe Glando, Tatyana Fernandez, Javier Aranda, Carla Costa, Cook Nunes and Nicole Meza, Who will have to demonstrate their talent to fulfill their dream and step onstage again. This Tuesday will be known to the two remaining participants of the season.

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