Tuesday , January 19 2021

Satisfactory left Steam for the Epic Games Store without notice. This was the reaction of the fans

Shortly before, the Capra Simulation creators joined the most established established THQ Nordic, but even before the acquisition of Coffee Stain was announced, the Swedish company had already made a crucial move ahead of its future: retire Satisfactory Steam to publish it in the store of Epic.

In fact, the most interesting thing is how this movement was made: The disappearance of the game page on the Valve platform did not hit, especially when the game itself was announced as one of the first exclusive exclusions of the Epic Games Store.

The most delicate thing? No official explanation has been given so far. For four days, Staino Coffee did not give clarification. Now, its community administrator Jace Varlet offers a video, in which, without giving reasons, discard any hypothesis related to the most recent events.

Our Steam page has disappeared. Yes, we have eliminated it. Will be satisfied with Epic Games Store as an exclusive title, so it will be the only place where you can buy it.

Varlet accepts that it is not causing Caffa Stain's explanations of what has happened, it has been a tremendous complicated situation, but it clearly explains that this decision has nothing related to the acquisition of THQ nor with the resurgence of Steam's revenue. .

Not by percentages by income. We did not know what would happen. In fact, we learned at the same time as you. Not as if we would change our plans for four days. And I'm not quite sure, but I do not consider this to be linked to the previous percentage of income.

The percentage of Income Varlet reports relates to the 30% Valve commission on the total income of a game or item. The new distribution reduces the Valve commission to 25% of $ 10 million and up to 20% if they reach 50 million dollars.


It does not hurt to consider that the commission of the Epic Store Games It stands at 12%. And if you use the Unreal Engine (owned by Epic) you do not have to pay the rights to use it.

As a fact to consider, Satisfactory was revealed in March and presented during the last E3. It spent six months.

The first reactions to this decision

Why not offer the game in both shops? Varlet has not entered into things, but it is anticipated that the next week will begin again.

Now, what is considered to be an exceptional opportunity to position a game, especially seeing how Steam has collapsed, also has a delicate back: not all players have a willingness to deal with the Epic Games Store. At least for Satisfying.

No, thank you. Now [El juego] He died for me.

You know I'll buy the game. Both of me and my friends. But now, with your move to the Epic-Play Store we will no longer buy it.

If the game is not sold on Steam … bye bye

I must say the same thing that others already say. If the game is not on Steam, I will not buy it. I do not use other buckets or other platforms. All of our games are there. Do you want more income from Epic? Try it … in the end the sales will not be the same as in Steam and you will earn less.

Cursed I was very interested -.-, But I'm sorry, I'm not interested in something that is not Steam and Gog 🙁 Good luck.

The Epic Store Games It began to be surprised and although it already has several games, it is even in the quality of Early Access, it already has a star product: Fortunate.


The Battle Royale's success has ensured that the store is installed on a generous amount of desktops. Is enough warranty to do everything for her instead of diversification?

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