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Shows 3: the new Snapchat eyeglasses that record 3D videos

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The third generation of the US company lenses will launch in November with a value of $ 380 and will have two cameras capable of capturing depth.

Snap Inc said on Tuesday that it will launch a new version of its "Spectacles" glasses, which will have the ability to take photos, record videos and upload them directly to their Snapchat unit.

Snap has been trying to make money with its Spectacles business and has registered a $ 40 million charge reduction for glasses it did not sell in 2017.

Production of the new Spectacles 3 will be low and will allow Snap to continue experimenting with augmented reality, a central point of the company's technology development.

The Shows 3, which will start shipping in November, They will cost $ 380, almost double the value of $ 200 from the previous version.

They will have dual cameras to add depth and dimension to the photos and videos that can be used with the new one 3D and augmented reality effects from Snapchat.

After uploading the content to the Snapchat messaging app, users can add new lights, landscapes and effects, Snap said.

The company has gained popularity among users thanks in part to its augmented reality (RA) features, including the ability to overlay effects like dog ears on photos or even change the gender of a user in Snap pictures.

The company added 13 million users in the second quarter, of which 7 million to 9 million correspond to the new RA lenses, Snap said.

Last week, Snap said it would raise $ 1.1 billion to fund new investments in RA, content and potential acquisitions.

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