Saturday , July 31 2021

Teillier: "Now we will have a communist presidential candidate"

The President of the Communist Party, Guillermo Teillier, ratified the community's willingness to have a candidate from its ranks in the election of 2021.

"What we have passed is that now we will have a communist presidential candidate or candidate "said Teillier to The Merkuro.

"(In the previous presidential election) we did not have a candidate, so we agreed, except that there are no conditions to have it. at least at school school, how much we can achieve. How do you know if we went to the first round … "said the deputy.

"I will not give names"

"Who will be (the candidate), we do not know"added the helicist who refused to comment on specific names, such as the Mayor of Calm, Daniel Jadue, which many – even outside the computer itself – give as a presidential one.

"I will not give names. Everyone seems to me well in the game, because if I give a name, that means that it is already determined. I will not discard any name, since everyone has the right and There are several skills in the game for that"he assured.

"I do not see the FA, the DC and the PC in a joint primary"

Teillier also said that The position of the PC is "there are" barriers "of the opposition:" Here we will present a candidate, we want to compete ".

Consulted in the event that it is possible to think of an alliance where the PC, DC and the Front Enlarge are integrated, Teillier responded: "For the presidential, I still do not see it, frankly."

"It would be ideal, but I do not see the Front Enlarge, the DC and the PC become jointly presidential, as well as things, it is likely that many parties go to primary schools or others go directly to the first round. the meeting point will again be the second round in which I believe that it goes with a disadvantage there ", he reflected.

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