Wednesday , January 27 2021

The collars of the Colo Colo technicians are looking for

The White and Black trainers (B & W) merchants have to replace Hector Tapia requires large quantities.

By: L. Rivera Talpen and F. Ortiz

Colo Colo is an urgent search. Parallel to the departure of Lucas Barrios and the immediate departure of Jaime Buckets (see more details here), the sports director of the Marcelo Espina Cacique was in Buenos Aires to present the 2019 album of the clubs to one of those he has in folder

The "T-shirt" met Eduardo Coudet in the Argentine capital and, in addition, Mario Rooms and José Néstor Pekerman They continue to be the favorites of the board of directors of the concessionaire Blanco and Negro (B & W).

Sportingly, Coudet, (the most likely due to his contract in Racing and great performance) and Pekerman appear as attractive names, however, these high salaries seem to be an excellent commercial chip. The "Chacho", as he learned KDF News, It is about $ 1.5 million per season (85 million pesos per month), while Colombia's ex-manipulator is US $ 1.8 million ($ 101,667,000 every thirty days)

Thus, Salas would have an advantage, because he earns $ 500,000 a year ($ 28,241,600 per month) and has very low assets for the market, as 400,000 dollars.

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