Saturday , June 19 2021

The elective Formula E celebrates his third World Cup at the E-Prix of Santiago

The eyes of the world engine will be on our capital this Saturday, when it is celebrated, in the Park of Or & Higgins, the E-Prix de Santiago, valid for the 3rd date of the Formula E World Cup

For this electric party, O & # 39; Higgins Park has become racing races that will welcome 22 pilots who will travel with their cars up to 250 kilometers per hour.

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The E-Prix of Santiago will play in its entirety on Saturday, the day that will begin with free training in the early morning, after which the official classification will continue (at noon), which will be followed by the main course, already in the afternoon: race, at 4:00 p.m. (19:00 GMT).

The favorite in the asphalt of the Elipso Park O & H; Higgins is the Belgian Jerome D 'Ambrosio, former Formula 1 driver, which conducts the general classification with 40 points after two major awards, of which won the last game at the beginning of the year on January 12 in Marrakech (Morocco).

His main rivals, who are equal to points in the second and third places, are Portuguese António Félix da Marbordo and the French Jean-Éric Vergne, also ex-Formula 1, both with 28 points.

In addition to the main favorites of the Formula E season, there will also be great references to the automobiles such as the Brazilians in the Santosguin circuit Felipe Massa and Nelson Piquet Jr.

The route of U & # 39; Higgins Park

Regarding the circuit, the 2.4km of track will travel in the U & Park Higgins and they will use half of the existing oval in the place where, among other events, the military halt is made for the Glories Day of the Army of Chile (September 19).

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From the main line, the pilots face a North Combination of seven curves -3 to the right and 4 to the left- to take the half-circle of the ellipse of approximately one kilometer with the accelerator to the south, to an area of ​​curves of 180 degrees that derive at the beginning of the main direct.

Altogether, 14 turns, 3 straight and large curve with a semi-sequential form, interrupted in the middle with a chicano with three turns that will reduce the maximum speed to the pilots.

The 80 hectares of O. Higgins Park are partly arboreal and the central area of ​​the straight is deserted, so the light sets of the south summer sun between the trees of the curves on both sides of the track will make more difficulty while the race.

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The departure is scheduled for 4:04 pm afternoon, so Another concern will be the heat in the circuit during the development of the race.

All details of the third date of the Formula E World Championship can be followed with coverage Minute Minute of

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