Tuesday , April 20 2021

The executives of the Bío Bío port announce national mobilization to maintain a strike in National Valparaiso

Leaders of porters united to the Port Union of Bío Bío and at the national level, they announced mobilizations in the coming days supported by casual workers that were mobilized in Valparais for more than 14 days.

The Bio Bio Dockers met this morning in Talcauhan, to determine if they would implement a global mobilization to support those mobilized in Valparaiso.

After conversations between the leaders of the port organization's unions and the analysis of the situation, It has decided that they will be mobilized to trade the TPS (Pacific Pacific Sur) company to fulfill its word to sit down and negotiate with casual workers.

This was confirmed Gonzalo Díaz, an advisor to the Bio Bio port, which also called the possible pressure losses.


For his partel, Pablo Klimpel, a spokesman for the mobilized, said that the only tool for workers – when dialogs are exhausted, as is the case – are the measure of force and pressure, as it is a national strike.


A few days ago, the TCVAL concessionaire was in charge to pay 1 million liquid pesos to each of Valparaiso's temporary workers, who are part of the current framework agreement and which fulfill the requirement of at least 50 changes between January 1 and October 31 2018.

However, the dockworkers have continued to meet, but to analyze the situation with the TPS concession, so the stopping at Terminal 1 from the port of Valparaiso continues.

Let's now wait for what is set at the national level, where we can know what movement the carriers of the whole country will take to support those mobilized in Valparaiso.

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