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The features of the Samsung Galaxy S10, which stand out most


The Samsung Galaxy S10 could look like this, well-known.

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The rumors of Samsung Galaxy S10 They already appear more often than ever and as there are usually some that suggest very logical and expected things, while others extend the possibilities slightly.

Here we are gathering the most important news that the Galaxy S10 would have, including the greatest possibilities that we expect with others, that although they are excited, it is less likely.

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A screen without bevels that integrate a room

This could be the screen of the Galaxy S10.

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Samsung has already introduced its new Infinity O screen, which avoids the use of an eyebrow or sting and integrate a hole for the front room directly on the screen.

Photos have already been leaked on what this screen would look like on the Galaxy S10 and it looks great. It is one of the most important and most important news of this mobile phone.

Fingerprint reader on the screen

This is a novelty that has already been seen in several cell phones such as Life Nex and the recent OnePlus 6T. The rumors suggest that at least one Galaxy S10 would have this item directly on the screen, so it is very possible that it is.

In addition it is rumored that the fingerprint would be ultrasonic, offering more precision and a wider area of ​​detection compared to the present ones.


2019 will be the true 5G start, or at least that is how it is expected. The next generation of cellular networks promotes a better download of data and upload speeds. Phones like the Moto Z3 have already given us a taste of this.

The rumors say the Galaxy S10 will have 5G, but I do not think they will be all the versions; Maybe it's just a special version.

Look at this:

The Samsung Galaxy S10, Galaxy X and Motorcycle G7 are made


Four versions of the Galaxy S10

The rumors said Samsung would plan to launch up to four versions of the Galaxy S10, instead of just two as expected (Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10 Plus). Not clear what names they might have. It is expected that the two common versions will be published, another 5G version and another could be a Galaxy S10 of a higher rank than the Galaxy S10 Plus or simply a cheaper version of the other models. At least that is what suggests the rumors.

Four rear rooms

Another rumor is that the Galaxy S10 would not have a double camera like the Galaxy S9 Plus, nor three like the LG V40 o Huawai P20 Pro, but the company was ready to integrate four armor chambers.

Not clear what benefits it should have as many cameras. The company presented the Galaxy A9 (2018) with four rooms and this does not mean that it has many advantages over the Galaxy S9, but I think that with three it could be enough.

It is not even clear if the cheapest Galaxy S10 will have only one room or at least two.

12GB of RAM

Another feature that I do not believe has many possibilities to become a reality that the Galaxy S10 would have up to 12GB of RAM. Although it sounds exciting and I think that next year we see phones with this amount of RAM, the Galaxy S9 has 4GB of RAM and the Galaxy S9 Plus 6GB of RAM. Going from that amount to 12GB of RAM is a huge jump and I do not think it has a lot of sensation.

In addition, the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 It has up to 8GB of RAM, so I think that before reaching 12GB the company will certainly choose to integrate 10GB of RAM into a single model.

1TB of internal storage

1TB of storage consists slightly with the previous characteristic of the Galaxy S10, since to go of 256GB (maximum storage of the Galaxy S9) to 1TB is a great change that is not very sensitive.

The company began to offer 512GB of internal storage in the Galaxy Note 9, so the change would still be too big. Perhaps the rumor made a mistake to secure the 1TB of internal storage and would be only the maximum storage that could have the Galaxy S10, offering the same as Galaxy Note 9 (512GB internal and 512GB microSD) – something with much more sense


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