Wednesday , August 17 2022

The future Volkswagen Tiguan could switch to a Coupé design


You just have to look at the news from a good number of brands to find out that the latest fashion is the SUV dome. There are many manufacturers that have launched or are about to start, new models with sporty style from behind that while retaining the benefits of SUVs, they boast of aesthetics and cut

Despite his large family SUV, more and more numerous, Volkswagen It has no such model, at least in our territory. In China and the United States they have dared, for example, with a Coupé version of the Atlas and all point out that in Europe a more streamlined SUV will be the popular Tiguan.

The possibility that this model has a version of this type is not new, since the launch of the current generation, in 2015, there has been speculation about it, but according to an Auto Express account, it will be the next generation of Tiguan that will enjoy it, with design features similar to those of the Cupra Formentor.

Volkswagen SUV Coupe Concept


Because according to Auto Express, Volkswagen wants to give Tiguan next generation a "radically new look" in which they want abandon the current squared and robust look of the current model for a more dynamic one. That would result in changes such as what the brand's own sources call a "more aggressive" roof area to get a car a nastier purchase.

Few further descriptions are of this new Tiguan, though the recent one Volkswagen SUV Coupe Concept, A future model made exclusively for China, which you can see in the pictures that headline this news, or the CrossBlue Coupé Concept from 2013 (below), allow us to get an idea of ​​its possible appearance.

Volkswagen CrossBlue Coupe side concept


Anyway, a greater commitment to this design it doesn't have to mean neglecting your skills all the way with a load level that is expected to remain practically similar and could even have a version All space wider as in the current model.

This new Tiguano is waiting 2022 to the market with development of the MQB platform and new engines that we will see a whole new Golf. Among them will be some with Mild Hybrid technology or a pair of plug-in hybrids that could have powers of around 170 and 250 horsepower.

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