Wednesday , January 20 2021

The incidence of influenza increases and approaches epidemic levels. News of Gipuzkoa

Donostia– The effect of influenza in the Basque Country in the last week doubled compared to the previous one, reaching 46.4 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, bringing the epidemic threshold this year closer to 55.7 cases.

According to data from Osakidetza's Red Vigio, there was a "considerable" increase in influenza activity in children under 15, with higher rates in the age groups between 0 and 4 years and between 5 and 14, with 208, 3 and 180.9 cases per 100,000 residents, respectively.

Since the beginning of the season, thirteen cases of people hospitalized with confirmed flu have been declared, nine of them seriously.

The average age of the major hospitalized cases is 71.6 years, almost 78% had risk factors and 75% did not vaccinate. Two of the major cases had to enter the ICU, although one of them had left this unit, according to Osakidetza.

In the last week analyzed, on November 26th and on Sunday, Day 2, in the Osakidetza Backup Network there were 303 queries about a cryptometer, almost twice the previous week, in which 156 consultations were issued.

At the end of November, the Health and Osakidetza Department decided to extend the influenza vaccination campaign until December 31, which was initially scheduled to end December 5. With the extension of the term, we want to give the highest number of people in the risky groups the chance to vaccinate.

Thus, all people over 65, people with chronic illness and pregnant women who want to be vaccinated can do so until the end of the year in their holy center or an extraordinary clinic. The healthy authorities insist that the vaccine is the most effective tool to combat the influenza and possible complications. – N.

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