Wednesday , April 21 2021

The leaders of Mapuche require "demilitarize" the Araucanía area and call on to continue actions of "disobedience"

Marcelo Catrillanca read a statement agreed today calling for the immediate immediate withdrawal of the Jungle Command, the establishment of a historic commission to occupy the territory and will continue to move across the country.

This Saturday met a group of leaders of Mapuche in the municipality of Temucuicui in the Ercilla region, Araucanía. The meeting called Trawun called leaders of the different territories to accede to actions followed after confirming that the death of the young Camilo Catrillanca was killing.

After the meeting, Marcelo Catrillanca, the father of the assassinated member community, read a five-point statement. In it, the leaders demand the diminution of the Mapuche territory. Specifically the output of the unit called Commando Jungla, belonging to Customs officers.

"We are demanding that the government in the office urgently retires and demolish the police unit, considering that this constitutes a constant threat that violates our right to live in peace and violate the rights of our children, women and old people."

At the same time, the leaders recalled that it was urgent to establish a "historic explanation committee", which establishes a norm of the truth about the occupation of the Mapuche territory.

In addition, the leaders specified the actions that they agreed to follow. "We invoke our people from Mapuche to continue to implement and develop disobedience, to implement various mobilizations in the wall and throughout the Chilean territory. We thank the Chilean people, national and international organizations for their solidarity with the murder of our brother Camilo Catrillanca and us invites you to continue to support the promotion of our fundamental rights and freedoms that help us as Mapuche People, "they have finished.

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