Tuesday , January 19 2021

"The majority of Chileans are owners …": Camila Vallejo takes the phrase from Monckeberg and transforms it into a Twitter tribe

"The vast majority are or are owners, we do not have much more, because it's our heritage. The house, two apartments"These are the statements that the Housing Minister, Cristián Monckeberg, declared last August during a presentation linked to residential projects in the House of Representatives.

His words emerged after he published it on Twitter Deputy Alejandro Bernales.

The Secretary of State had to explain this situation and in the same social network he asked for the "precision and context" parliament. If you check all the video, My speech aimed to show how @Minvu updated his housing policies to current needs. According to Casen 2017, 60% of Chileans own the dwelling in which they live. "

The deputy Camila Vallejo He joined the critics and trolls against the Housing owner and on that platform he also took the opportunity to send a message to Monckeberg.

"The majority of Chileans are owners" of debt, will mean ", the parliamentary computer advised.

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