Tuesday , January 19 2021

The most required technical professionals by 2020

Analysis of the advisory company Randstad identifies the needs that are already generated in the field of data, blocks, robotics and cyber security.

The digital explosion transforms the job. And, in fact, as the Randstad consultant specialized in searching for IT candidates, Casas Casas, shows new jobs and challenges have emerged for professionals precisely in the field of technology.

According to its analysis, by 2020, the most sought-after profiles of organizations in all regions will respond to jobs related to large data, blocks, robots and cyber security. "And there will be the companies that have this type of workers that can give their customers a differential value, be in the forefront of technology and lead the market in their industry," says the expert.

If it is deepened by means of a type of technology, it adds that the multisezor tool that allows to connect and encrypt blocks & # 39; to protect the privacy of all types of transactions and to make them safer – the name block block – will require profiles with knowledge in programming, people focused on legal aspects, as well as economic specialists and hardware and software.

In the case of large data, Houses say that there is a need to promote a new type of professional that gives knowledge in IT, but also generates value by putting on technology in the service of the business, so data analysts and architects will require large data. .

In the field of cybersecurity, an area that already grows and expands, according to Casas, because the rapid development of new technology tools has led to the appearance of serious fraudulent and illegal practices, "companies have begun to seek security consultants for regulated approaches, experts in protection of data, processes and procedures, and ethical hacking counselors with a focus on security and vulnerability analysis. "

Considering the Internet of Issues (IoT), a concept that refers to digital interconnection of daily goals with the network, the expert states that it will continue to expand in the different fields of everyday life, as much in companies like in the home "In the logistics and Hotel, for example, this type of device is already used, so some fast food restaurants have a terminal that informs the client when their order is ready and the traffic of the monitor, the measurement of the environment and the health field, to name a few items, will require special telecommunications about M2M and a solution architect, while digital channels will require digital business analysts and commercial deliveries of commercial businesses, "says Casas.

In Robotics, he says, RPA developers or applications in real time with high computer science knowledge and experience in process automation projects will be required. "More and more companies are investing in this field, since it generates significant savings and reduces people's load so that they can focus on tasks of greater value," he explains.

In any case, he emphasizes that the level of soft skills that these professionals have to have is also high. "In fact, the market requires decent people with high capacity to solve problems, ready to live in a changing environment, empathy, with emotional intelligence to work in multidisciplinary environments and prepare to cooperate with all the company's and vision areas worldwide", he says.

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