Wednesday , August 17 2022

The new cosmetic surgery that Francisca Undurraga did


The former member of Mega "Resistiré" reality Francisca Undurraga He is constantly posting photos of the new changes he is making in his body and how he is taking care of his skin, delivering various tips to his fans in social networks

As was the case on this day when Francisca commented that it was done cosmetic surgery that contemplates the increase in the volume of your swallows, a procedure called M.E.L.A, which consists of extracting fat from an area of ​​the body to place it in the desired location.

The exotic reality explained that it was about external surgery: "It was a 100% outpatient procedure because the patient leaves immediately for home and the next day he will be able to resume his daily activity. Similarly, regardless of surgery and under local anesthesia, preoperative examinations are performed and subsequent care is the same as conventional lip ", affirmed.

"As much as I do exercises and kill myself in the gym, I couldn't get my back the way I liked them and that's why I did it … the truth is something very subtle, but it helps a lot, " concluded.

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