Friday , August 12 2022

The sad reason why Sebastian Ramirez had to leave the "We can talk" set


This Friday, we published a new chapter of We Can Talk on CV, which was attended by Malucha Pinto, León Murillo, Sebastián Ramírez, Pablo Ruiz, Isidora Ureta and Deputy Marisela Santibáñez.

In the second section of the program, called "Point Meeting," Julian Elfenbein introduced the question "who suffered to be separated or moved away from a family member."

Marisela spoke about her daughter Rafaella, who caused deep sadness in the previous "I will resist" Sebastiano Ramirez, who talked about his daughter, who is 10 years old today.

"I'm a dad, and I'm so sorry to be a father at such an early age. It wasn't an accident, I wanted to have it. It's thought that when I was an early age, it was a kick, an accident, but I wanted to have it because at one point in my life I hit bottom. I worked 7 years a night, on reels, and that brings surpluses, "the reality boy began.

He added that because of the bad relationship with his ex-partner, he ended up leaving his daughter aside, preferring to travel the world and enter realities. Even so, he acknowledged that he was always worried that his daughter was missing something, but Matilda, his daughter, generated some rejection from him.

"I made mistakes and I guess". But despite all this, the young man pleaded guilty to me: "It's not a day when I don't think about my daughter (…) I hope we can talk, let's fix this. She doesn't forbid me to see her, but there are situations. Your son has a certain rejection, it hurts ", confessed In saying this, the former "I will resist" apologized to his former.

The dynamics continued and Ramirez suddenly disappeared from the studio. But then he reappeared just before starting the meal to talk to Julian. There he recognized that he went to mourn for what he confessed.

"I had a lot of problems, it was difficult for me … I'm afraid of being rejected. These five, six months I was like this, because it's always a problem, because I always have to win it", was part of Seba's relief, to which Julian replied that he had to fight to keep her from losing, even if he was rejected.

"I don't want to think about it, which is why I have to go out, do other things, to forget a little bit. But it can give me a terrible shame," the real boy closed.

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