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The success of preventive pills in the battle against AIDS

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© Yves Herman / Reuters | The World Day of the fight against AIDS is held on December 1.

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Last modified: 12/01/2018

Currently, more than 10,000 people in France, almost exclusively homosexual, follow the preventive treatment against the virus AIDS, PrEP. This treatment is entitled and reimbursed 100% of social security since 2016.

According to the ANSM medical agency, 10,405 people have started preventative treatment against HIV between January 2016 and June 2018. In addition, it has undergone a steady growth since 2016 with 500 new people per month.

"The fact that more and more people, especially people with sex with people, choose this preventive treatment are very positive," said the agency.

PrEP's principle is simple, it is enough that seronegens take Truvada boards to create a barrier to the virus. This medicine, which combines two antiretrovirals, was previously administered only to seropositive.

France is the second country after the US has authorized this preventive treatment against AIDS; and the first country, where social security fully supposes these costs. The PrEp is primarily aimed at people at risk: homosexuals or men who are involved in prostitution.

The detractors of this treatment accuse him to favor some risk behaviors and to abandon the use of condoms.

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