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The two bases of the regulation that violated the "U" before Antofagasta: one was informed by a referee Football


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Javier Vergara / UNO Agency

Last weekend University of Chile obtained a suffered triumph against Sports Antofagasta at the National Stadium.

It was a win with the fair, to a minimum, which meant a powerful shout of calm from the fans at the end of the game. The reason? They added three points that served them well because – for now – escape from the drop zone.

However, the result was accompanied by two situations that could have a negative impact on the university cast. These are two times when the ANFP rule was violated. And in fact, the referee of the confrontation, Roberto Tobar, was already informed.

The first was recorded in the front room of the comparison, when lay officials watered only one side of the playing field, asomething that is prohibited by article 50 of the rules.

"Watering should be uniform and equal across all sectors of the playing field, in any case, the local club can only water the side of the field corresponding to one or both teams or do it to a different extent, "says the aforementioned regulation, which sets a fine of 100 UF for non-compliance (about $ 3 million). weights), and of 200 UF when it is recidido.

The second circumstance in which the "blue" square did not comply was governed by the institution's own president, José Luis Navarrete.

It turns out that the cashier it was located in one of the tunnel accesses to the surrounding courtyard, which is also prohibited, specifically in the bases, which details that "may not enter the exclusion zone, or their access, chiefs or officials." This fact is also sanctioned by 100 UF.

It should be noted that the first case has not been reported so far (the "cougar" table can do this). Meanwhile, Navarrete appears in the remarks of the arbitration report: "In the final moments of the match, depending on television footage, the president of the Universidad de Chile club is being watched, located in the southern sector tunnel, a situation not permitted under current regulations, "says the report.

Bases of ANFP
Bases of ANFP
Bases of ANFP
Bases of ANFP

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