Monday , August 2 2021

The UC is purely confident in Temuco: "We've been here until the end of 2016 and hopefully now ends up as well"

"The atmosphere is good, you live very calmly", said the Crusaders' president, Juan Tagle, in the arrival of a Catholic University to Temuco, this Saturday, for this Sunday to face the duel that the title of the 2018 National Championship can be given to the set of precordillera.

The tracking of the Strip -opened by the entire campus, leaders and employees- It moved from Santiago to the capital of the Ninth Region in flight charter that arrived about 5:00 p.m. In the airport of the Araucanía, and that, around 6:00 p.m., settled in the hotel of the city Diego de Almagro.

In this place about a hundred fans, received the campus with songs and applause, being José Petro Fuenzalida and Cristián Álvarez most applauded. For Huaso – the last to leave the bus – was a special reception and the veteran player responded with a few minutes with the fan present.

"Cristián lives it with great enthusiasm to the end. Of course, this game will be very exciting"said Juan Tagle, the only member of the Catholic University delegation, who got the word on arrival at the hotel for the commitment to Sports Temuco at Germán Becker, which will be played this Sunday from 5:30 p.m.

The head of the concessionaire of Las Condes, declared that "It's very exciting to be in Temuco, we've been here until the end of 2016 and we hope it will end up now, but we know that this game will be very difficult because Temuco fights very important things."

While dialogue with the media present, Tagle was screened by some fans who claimed the low amount of tickets (3 thousand) that Temuco was transmitted to the visitor's audience, despite the massive demand. "I'm coming from the cookie and I do not have an entrance" and "Where are the 2 thousand gateways that are going to release?" It was part of what they called to the Crusaders' president, who preferred to be deactivated.

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