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The wild "piquito" by Tonka Tomicic and Julian Elfenbein at the closing of Teletono at the National Glamorama

Author: a. C. / December 2, 2018

"Today I will give it to you," Tonka Tomicic told Julián Elfenbein.

The television faces formed one of the couples who turned the animation last night at the closing of the 2018 Teletono at the National Stadium.

And the Channel 13 figure this time gave him the "piquito", which he owed Pasalabra host since the last time, when they shared the same scene and when she preferred to take away the kiss.

This was what he said in the screen before the timid "piquito":

Julian Elfenbein: "I'll start a night that can be romantic, because I listen … (directs the audience at the stadium) I do not understand! Because remember that I am also deaf"

Tonka Tomicic: "Make it like Pasapalabra"

Elfenbein: "Start with B high. Four letters The second is E. The third is S. End with O …"

"The kiss!" They shout at the National Stadium.

Tomika: "Do you dare? Oh! Dare! It came bravely seems"

Elfenbein: "Are they leaving you?

Tomika: "To you? I, because the public asks for it, for three years ago I did not give you the kiss, but today I will give it to you"

Elfenbein: "Turn the car. Did you notice how it accelerated? (Heart)".

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