Wednesday , August 10 2022

This luxurious smart bed includes just about everything your room needs


Hibed is a multi-million dollar smart bed that includes some nice features like a 4k projector that can work with multiple devices.

Have you ever imagined spending a million buying a bed? If the answer is no, it's because you may just need a place to sleep and so on. However, other people accustomed to luxury would probably make that expense.

That is how it is for those who are interested Hybrid. It is a "smart" bed, capable of offering a wider experience than any other common furniture. The reason is that it integrates tools and functions that could be distributed across multiple devices.

The first time we saw such a bed was in 2011. Designer Fabio Vinella created it for the Hi-Interiors brand, calling it Hi-Can for the first time. Us the second development of this series, HiBed, was released as a thinner version that fits in-room.


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But what does this extravagant bed bring? The first thing we can highlight is that it brings a 4k projector that works with a 70-inch retractable screen.. In addition it has speakers strategically located for a good experience watching movies or television. It is supposed to work with any device, so it shouldn't be a problem to use it with a gaming console.

The furniture also detects data on the health of its owner all the time. For example, analyze sleep patterns and body weight. On the other hand, monitor room temperature, air quality and noise levels.

Additionally, it emits light from its top. This helps give the user a night reading and even works as an alarm in the morning. Among other things, the system also provides weather notifications and news.

Getting an item from these is not so easy. To do this, you must request a reservation at the official website and enter the waiting list. This costs at least approx $ 40,300 and delivered in about 90 days.

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