Saturday , July 31 2021

Tremor was registered in the central zone

An earthquake intensity was detected this Saturday at 8:57 pm between the Valparaiso and Maule regions.

According to it reports the National Seismological Center of the University of Chile, The earthquake was 5.4 Richter, with an epicenter 59 kilometers west of Christmas.

In addition, it had a depth of 36.4 kilometers.

The SHOA discarded tsunami.

No damage is reported to humans, change to basic services or infrastructure resulting from this earthquake, according to Onemi.

Later, they were registered two tremors in the same area with a preliminary size of 4.2 Richter, with an epicenter 49 kilometers west of Christmas; and another 3.3 Richter, 57 kilometers west of Christmas.

The intensities of Mercalli's scale of the first tremor are the following:

Valparaiso Region

Algarrobo: II

Cartagena: 4th

The Warning: IV

El Tabo: IV

San Antonio: IV

Santo Domingo: 4th

Valparaiso: 3rd

German Villa: II

Viña del Mar: III

Metropolitan Region

Curacaví: II

San Pedro: III

Region of Or & Higgins

Chépica: III

Chimbarongo: III

The Star: V

Litueche: V

Marchihue: III

Nancagua: III

Christmas: V

Steps: IV

Placilla: III

San Fernando: III

Santa Cruz: III

Maule Region

Constitution: II

Curicó: 3a

Pencahue: II

Rauco: IV

Claro Rivero: III

Romeral: IV

Holy Family: III

San Rafael: III

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