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© AgenciaUno Where was Carolina De Moras?

During Teleton's closing, the bravery called at least 3 times, but she did not appear. Tvn


An emotional day lived in the closing of the Teleton in the National Stage, where the goal could have been achieved thanks to the donation of the more than 32 billion pesos.

But in all the joy of achievement, there arose a question: Where was Carolina De Moras?

At the end of one of the presentations of the invited artists, Don Francisco he called the courage en repeated occasions, but she never appeared. At that time Cristián Sánchez and Martin Cárcamo they entered their place noticing that the host I had a bad one.

Without further explaining what happened event lasted normally.

But it was social networks where the spectators They did not let the situation go requesting an explanation and comment on various theories about the absence of the former Chinese festival that has become trendy theme on Twitter.

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