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How many Starbuck cups did you drink this cold winter? On January 24, Starbucks announced its financial report for the first quarter of fiscal year 2019. During the quarter ended December 30, 2018, Starbucks's worldwide network was US $ 6.63 billion, exceeding Wall Street's preview of US $ 6.49 billion, an increase of 9.2% year-on-year. . This quarter, Starbucks began to waste 5% of its workforce. Under the internal change, Starbucks are still on the right track.

However, according to financial reports, the Chinese market has dragged Starbucks' overall performance. Starbucks worldwide and US domestic simultaneous sales increased 4% this quarter, while another major Chinese market grew only 1% in the same stores.

If you do not compare other regions and only compare the Chinese market, 1% increase is also an optimistic data.

Source: Wall Street

In the third quarter of 2018, same stores in Starbucks-China fell by 2%, and the gross profit-edge of the entire Asia-Pacific market, which was torn from this, fell from 26.6% to 19%, althoughStarbucks China's same store has been selling for two consecutive quartersHowever, compared with 2016 and 2017, the development of Starbucks in China slowed.

The price increase worked. Starbucks & 4% worldwide comparable same-sale sales growth quarter mainly mainly for 3% increase in total customer single price. In November last year, Starbucks also raised the price of some drinks in the Chinese market with one juice, and all shops were uniformly adapted. But the price of the price increases is the decrease in orders. Although sales of the same stores increased by around 1%, the same sales transactions decreased by 2%, and the operating margin in the Asia Pacific region was 18%.

It seems that the general situation of Starbucks China has not changed –The growth of the old store has become stagnant, and it can only increase the general sales by opening a new shop.Buck's very important gene is a social property, but the online market is growing. After the "third space" fails, it is more successful in Internet coffee.

In August of the year, Starbucks and Alibaba announced an extensive strategic co-operation. Starting in mid-September, Starbucks depended on hungry and gradually open distribution of services throughout the Chinese market. This is considered Starbucks to reach more of the "third space". Scene, get more passengers.

However, in the case of opening a taxi, Starbucks increased its price. In the article "Where do they come in the" winter "price increase? In the case of a tiger swinging high street high ginseng was questionedThe price of Starbucks increases and changes the membership system, because the increase in consumption offered by Starbucks is not optimistic.

In an interview in January, Shi Quan, head of the Alibaba-Starbucks project, saidStarbucks completed the export of 2,000 stores in 30 cities throughout the country.. The two sides have designed almost 800 people to participate in the cooperation, exchange a membership system, through multiple purchases in Ali, and Ali will have a normal PM team to promote co-operation between both sides, Ali and Starbucks will be used and residing in the Starbucks office.

The depth and scope of the collaboration between Ali and Starbucks is unprecedented in its history of cooperation with brands.However, the same store transaction volume decreased by 2%, indicating that the opening of the withdrawal and multi-platform connection has not yet increased Starbucks.

To be honest, Starbucks's same commercial orders continue to decrease, and Starbucks's activity stimulated this quarter.

After cooperating with Ali, the rights and interests of both members are interoperable. When they are hungry, they will throw 1-yuan water, capture the distribution caps and other activities to empty Starbucks and explore Starbucks' star of consumption in the Taobao Ticket. Starbucks has also worked with bank credit cards to launch the purchase and sale of one-time event, such as the Shanghai Bank card using a market offer, the credit card credit credit of Guangfa Bank, of which Guangfa Bank's activity is almost half a month.

The marriage of Ali, the opening of the operation, the activities continues, can not save the order of Starbucks' commercial orders, but, as planned by Starbucks, the future will still open at two speeds per day. So sure, what is the Starbucks plan and where does it come from?

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