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Chinese men's volleyball team fights five games, Olympic qualifiers beat Canada – Sports News



Original title: Chinese men's volleyball team is fighting five games

The F Men's Olympic Group Tournament F tournament continued on the evening of 10. The Chinese men's volleyball team, which won the first fight, faced the Canadian team that lost the first game. Although the Chinese men's volleyball team held the match point twice, but unfortunately failed to capture the opportunity, and ultimately struggled with the Canadian team in the fifth game.

The Canadian team is currently sixth in the world. With strong opponents the Chinese team entered the first game with a slower start and the start was 1: 6 behind. At 10:14 behind the game, the Chinese team suddenly exploded at Zhang Zhejia's server, even 7 points took the score and finally won the first game at 26:24.

In the second match, the Canadian team regained game at 25:21. In the third match, the Canadian team won a stable attack and soon went to the next city with 25:17. In the important fourth match, Jiang Chuan regained his status on the offensive end. After winning the ball to help the Chinese team get the game, Zhang Zhejia won the net and the Chinese team equalized the score with 25:23.

The two teams in the deciding game competed fiercely and the scores alternated. After the two sides reached level 13, the Chinese team requested a timeout. Later Jiangchuan attacked and helped the Chinese team get the match point at 14:13. After the Canadian team equalized the score, they dismissed the ball and sent it back to the Chinese team again. After 15 draws, the Canadian team counterattacked. Then Liu Libin counterattacked and stopped. The Chinese team lost 15:17 and the overall score was 2: 3.

After the game, Zhang Zhejia, who played well in the last game as well as in the game, said that in the event of a two-handed hold of the match point, it was a shame he finally missed the win. "Perhaps because I am not decisive enough in the use of the key ball, I have finally failed to grasp this opportunity."

In the first match, in Zhang Zhejia's service, the Chinese team scored 7 points, of which 5 points were directly earned by the service. After the game, Zhang Zhejia also said incredulously: "The service can be linked with 7 and is also in my volleyball experience. The first time, so I think it's very difficult. In back training and competition, I still have to hold my own own service and preserve this moment. "

Although the game was lost, the Chinese team still has the opportunity to get tickets to Tokyo. "Tomorrow this ball will definitely go all out to fight with the Argentine team, try to take all three points, and then continue to maintain this moment on the court, after they are also a strong team in the world." Zhang Zhejia said.

In another match, Argentina beat the Finnish team 3: 1 to get two consecutive wins. (Reporter Xia Liang)

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