Friday , August 12 2022

Chinese men's volleyball team wins Olympic qualifying game, Jiang Jiang's birthday gift is destined for an unforgettable one – Sports News



Original title: A Chinese men's volleyball team harvested the Olympic qualifying game to open the Jiangchuan door this birthday gift is bound to be unforgettable.

25-year-old Jiang Chuan scored a game-high 25 points; 24-year-old Liu Libin received the team's second-highest 17 points; the same 24-year-old Zhang Zhejia scored 13 points, ranking third on the team. If it wasn't for the "Youth Storm" that the boys hit at the Beilun Art Gymnasium in Ningbo yesterday, it would have been impossible for the Chinese men's volleyball team to beat the Finnish men's volleyball team by 3-1 and win the first. match of the F team of the Tokyo Olympic Volleyball Qualifier. Held yesterday was Jiangchuan's 25th birthday. This victory is definitely his most memorable birthday.

The first battle of the Olympic competition, the opponent is the closest Finnish team in the same group, and striving to open the door is the only goal of the Chinese men's volleyball team. Head coach Losano dismissed his most satisfactory starting row: second setter Yu Yuchen, main striker Liu Libin and Du Haixiang, striker Zhang Zhejia and Peng Shikun, second setter Jiangchuan, free man Tong Jiayu.

After the start of the game, both teams quickly entered the state. Liu Libin managed to attack. The two teams in the first match were 18 in the first game. After that, Jiangchuan served the ball and Zhang Zhejia managed to get the ball. The Chinese team led from 21 to 19 time forced the opponent to pause. With Zhang Zhejia's quick break and Jiangchuan's strong attack, the Chinese team led 25 to 22.

In the second match, the Finnish team used the service to miss the Chinese team's pass. On the court, the team became unstable and became the Chinese team. The Finnish team regained a game with 25 to 21 and the two teams returned to the same starting line. In the third match, Liu Libin started a wave of offensive climax, with the Chinese team leading from 8 to 3. Although the Finnish team pursued 11 levels with the combination of suspension and suspension, but Jiangchuan's aggressive attack on the serve played a role, Zhang Zhejia's high point fast attack also complemented each other, the Chinese team won the third match 25 to 22. Since then the Chinese team has become more and more courageous. Jiangchuan and Liu Libin, two "Stars" of the Beijing Man's Volleyball team, showed their offensives on the offensive.Zhang Zhejia of the Shanghai team played their own blocking ability. It was with his key stop that the Chinese team beat the fourth game 25 to 23 and won the game.

After the game, Zhang Zhejia was awarded the most valuable player in this game. He said he was full of desire for the victory of this game. "Last year we won fewer games. Now we face a lot of psychological pressure in the first match of the Olympic qualification. But fortunately everyone is more mobilized and communicates very well on the court. Lisa." Zhang Zhejia believes that unity is the key to winning the Chinese team in this game.

After spending a special birthday on the court, Jiang Chuan said this victory was destined to be unforgettable. "We are under a lot of pressure, some are falling and slowly releasing later. This win gives the team confidence in support, and we will continue to support this kind of fighting, and at the same time play more delicate." Said.

Losano from Chinese volleyball coaches said: "We were once in trouble. It was caused by stress, but the players adjusted the technology, especially the block and defense, and gradually got out of the passive situation and won the game. But This is just the first step, this last game will be more difficult. "According to the schedule, tomorrow and tomorrow, the Chinese men's volleyball team will face Canada and Argentina respectively.

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