Thursday , September 29 2022

Dong Wei's nineteenth history of love: Yunxiang's former senior show, love, sexual intrusion after each other's wave. Dong Wei | Gao Yunxiang _ China News


Original title: Dong Wei Gao Yunxiang ten years of old history: once higher education shows love, sexual intrusion after each other

In 2009, Dong Wei and Gao Yunxiang met at the Chinese santa celebration and then met Gao Yunxiang's agent. In 2011 the two celebrated a wedding in Beijing, and after the wedding they showed an excellent show in love. On March 26, 2018, Gao Yunxiang was arrested in Australia because of alleged sexual assault: Dong Wei publicly supported her husband's confidence, not only paid him a high security, but even drove to Australia with her daughter to support him. The voice is also explained to the wife. But July 15 this year, the two exploded and divorced, and the 16th, people with the affair confirmed the event.

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