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Full-time convenience store seeks to sell or sell part of the capital to Suning Tesco

Full-time convenience store seeks to sell or sell part of the capital to Suning Tesco

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Source: Beijing Daily Business

Beijing Business News (wrote Wang Xiaoran Xu Tianyue) market structure of Beijing, Yin convenience stores may have changed greatly. On November 13, Beijing Business Daily reporter learned from several people are familiar with the matter that the local brand Beijing, A convenience store wishing to sell is negotiating with the company full-time, or will transfer part of the capital to Suning Tesco or Wumart.

In fact, a full-time convenience store has long been "shaky". A reporter from the Beijing Business Daily found that there were not many products on the shelves in a number of convenience stores in Beijing offices, and they were almost empty. This out-of-stock phenomenon has been going on for over a month, and some vendors have stopped providing full-time convenience stores due to issues such as unpaid bills.

Since the second half of the year, full-time brothers have lived full-time lives and Harbor Harbor has been in trouble. According to a close source of parent company Fuhua Excellence Management Business Co., Ltd., Beijing Daily Commercial newspaper shows that the funds of the convenience store full-time and the global port are relatively independent, and daily operating funds should be applied in a manner The airport is closed recently, the grocery store is better than the airport, and is supported by the group's defense, but it is also "scarred".

Full-time convenience stores are long considered to be the biggest convenience store brands in Beijing, with four or five hundred stores in Beijing. If all the time is successful with Suning Tesco, it means that the convenience store market in Beijing will introduce a big change.

From neighboring convenience stores to 131 convenience stores and full-time convenience stores, it has been proven that a convenience store development model in convenience stores will not work.

Huang Yangming, vice-dean of Renmin Business School of China University, told Beijing Business Daily that convenience stores are high-cost, high-input, high-profit format three, and many have only seen the high profits, and did not hesitate Kill during the hurricane period. Enter the market, but neglect the assumption of high cost and high investment. Worldwide more successful brands stores, behind large capital, large groups, in order to successfully achieve the high return after commitment to high costs and high investment. The mixed capital, like the nearby grocery store, is full of instability. It is impossible to guarantee the continued investment in the high price required for the convenience store format, and the result of too rapid expansion is the break-up of the capital chain.

However, in recent years, Beijing market has also welcomed the positive policy in the convenience sector, which has improved the trust for the next development of convenience store companies.

On October 18, seven departments of the Municipal Trade Commission jointly issued the "Regulations on printing and distribution<关于进一步促进便利店发展的若干措施>The announcement, which offered 19 innovative measures, covering the space location of convenience store operations, network layout, project categories, registration certification, etc., supports the development of convenience stores and stores in Beijing.

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