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Heavy snow health, drink tea, eat nut oil, heavy snowy holiday, sun health

Heavy snow (7 to December 21) is the third solar season in winter. In this time, the weather is cold and cold, and the snow flies. It is at the moment when the young man is very strong, but the yango also begins to hover. Animals like tigers that are strongly influenced by the yang, will come out of the cave and start to kill and play.

The influence of heavy snow festival on the body

Because cold weather will cause the blood vessels to engage, so take care of special attention to cardiac health at this time, to avoid arrhythmic, blow and even mycardic infarction.

Winter is also prone to lungs related problems or worsens existing conditions. To maintain the lungs, it is best to stay away from air pollution, stop smoking, and drink plenty of hot water to remove toxins from the body.

In general, heavy celebrations of snowing are also time when people tend to catch colds, so keeping heat is an important health method.

Great snow health 7 coup

1. Drink more tea, people easily cooler and cold can add some slices of ginger in the tea.

2. Replace coffee with Indian milk tea helps to enhance a slippery function.

3. Eat less sugar, and the polysaccharide bothers the balance of the natural energy of the body.

4. Carry out hat, scarf and gloves to heat. In particular, elderly people living in severe cold areas can wear a soft launch cap to keep their body temperature during sleeping.

5. Use one foot heel to massage the inside of the calf on the other hand in a circular movement to promote energy traffic.

6. Use hot, fragrant, smell oil (see below) to help improve energy, stimulate your moisture and keep your body warm.

7. Avoid anger and fear, protect your heart and brain.

Suitable for heavy snow foods

Use good oil oils such as sesame oil, nail oil or ointment oil to cook food. This kind of oil helps the body to get good energy and keep warm.

Eat more broccoli, dolo (wood stick), chestnuts, cakes, onions, yam and nuts. These foods are a good source of protein during the heavy snow.

For those who want to improve their cardiovascular health, they can take more red foods, such as betrobots, blueberry, strawberry, cherry, pink and pink tea.

Essential oil for heavy snow

In heavy snow, it is appropriate to use spicy essential oils such as geranium, rose, sand, rosewood, lemongrasso, asolo, ginger or cinnamon, essential oil to heat the heart and stimulate the body.

Text / Moreen Liao (Aroma Therapeutic)

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