Thursday , September 29 2022

Huami launches the watch of the Amazfit GTR series, which can be used for 24 days.


The smart clock of Fossil Sport that I have now is purchased from abroad. I use the WearOS system and it looks good. The Amazon and the habits are also very strong. I sent it to me through SF in just 4 days. Soon, but it will be twice faster than turning off power.

The evolution of smart clocks today, battery life is still a universal problem. Apple Wath and Fossil Sport can last for two days, and it's probably a half-month without an eco-friendly feature that is at the top of the industry.

But the Amazfit GTR released by Huami today can be used for 24 days.

On July 16, Huami, who has just published a new smart and healthy series last month, opened a new conference and published a new series of Amazfit GTR.

The Amazfit GTR series is available in two versions, 47mm and 42mm. The first uses 1.39 coles AMOLED-big screen with a resolution of 454 × 454. This one is 1.2 AMOELD screen coils with a resolution of 390 × 390. 326, keeping the consistent Wami clock level

The Amazfit GTR has a round thread that is closer to a traditional clock and has a double crown. The 47mm version is about 10.75mm thick, and the thickness of 42mm is only 9.2mm. It is certainly not dense in smart clocks.

On the other hand, the material is a great change in the look of this Amazfit GTR. The 47mm is available in aluminum alloy, stainless steel and titanium. This is the first tunnel material used by Huami in the brand. We all know the characteristics of titanium, lightweight, high hardness, corrosion resistance, or a variety of artificial inputs.

The 42mm version of the design language is more elegant and elegant than the 47mm version. In addition to black, there are also girls favorite pink, white, coral red and 60 slabs of stellite.

If the change of design is just a normal operation, the update of this battery life is quite amazing. According to Huami's official version, the power consumption is reduced by 82.6% compared to similar products, 48.7% in daily use, and 51.2% in sport regime.

In this way, according to the simulation of daily use, including cardiac rhythm usually open, sleeping monitoring, 15 minutes of GPS per day, 150 messages push, 30 times to raise the wrist screen, 4 times for NFC credit card, 5 minutes from other operations, Amazfit The GTR 47mm version can be used for 24 days.

Amazfit GTR 42mm Because the thinner battery is smaller, the daily regime will be reduced to 12 days.

The sports center supports 12 sports facilities including outdoor running, walking, outdoor riding, urban riding, indoor cycling, open water swimming, swimming pool, elliptical, mountain climbing, migration, skiing and exercise. I also maintain a 5ATM waterproof (50 meters).

About features, except for the notifications that smart clocks have, the Amazfit GTR NFC bus card can support 253 cities, and the clock also supports the Alipay-offline scanning function.

Regarding Huami's health function, Amazfit GTR does not support ECG function, but Huami's PPG rhythmic evolution can still detect arithmics such as a chlorine fibrillation.

About price, the Amazfit GTR 47mm aluminum and stainless steel value at 999 yuan, and the titanium version is 1399 yuan. Huami also launched a 47mm version of Iron Man for Marvel, with a price of $ 1,399 and sold today. The Amazfit GTR version of 42 mm has a price of 799 yuan, today is sold, and the special edition has a price of 999 yuan, and will be available for sale on August 30.

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