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Xinhua news agency, Beijing, August 14, sprinting the World Cup, the Chinese men's basketball team is preparing for the harvest and challenges

Xinhua news agency, reporter Lin Deren

Only two weeks before the opening of the men's basketball team. Preparations for the Chinese men's basketball team also entered the sprint stage. From the pioneering "red and blue team" regime to the 12-man lineup, the Chinese team has made great efforts for the World Cup. The results will soon be over.

Due to the possession of the host of the 2019 World Cup, the Chinese men's basketball team can automatically win the World Cup entry without pre-selection results, which also gives Chinese men's basketball a valuable gap period. In this span of time, the Chinese men's basketball team designed the "Red and Blue Team" regime, the national training team split in two, and participated in international competitions. This arrangement has given more young players the opportunity to play for the country. Young talented players like Abu Dhamu, Wu Qian, Sun Minghui and so on have grown rapidly in the international arena. .

After the end of the CBA league last season, the Chinese men's basketball team began to gather, experienced several rounds of hot match, the lineup gradually decreased by 20 people, until the final round of hot match, coach Li Nan began use a rotation of about 10 people. The final list of the Chinese team will come.

Throughout several turns of the Chinese team of hot matches, the opponents are different, and the effect is also different. The first opponent of the Chinese men's basketball team is the Australian NBL United team. The three players in the three rounds Yi Jianlian, Zhou Qi, Guo Ailun and Zhou Peng did not appear. The Chinese team sent in a row of young players and achieved a 2 Record of 1 victory.

Later the Chinese men's basketball team flew to the United States to participate in the NBA Summer League, and won 1 victory and 4 defeats in 5 games. Although the US Basketball team participating in the Summer League rarely sends big name players to participate, but due to the overall high level of US basketball, even if the team is a rookie and a secondary, its level cannot be underestimated. The Chinese men's basketball team still has a lineup at the moment. With the Heat, the Sun and other teams, the Chinese team has lost the score. At the end of the summer league, Chinese coach Li Nan said: "We are very welcoming and have seen the gap with these teams, including speed, strength and personal ability. We still have to rely on everything, in the summer league the team only needs Errors. , not driven from the other side, we can be unlocked from the other side, but we are not good at this, we have averaged 20 points or more on the errors. We hope we can see with such a game. "

After returning to China, the Chinese men's basketball team experienced hot matches like the Stankovic Cup, winning six games in seven games. The last three games against Angola, Croatia and Puerto Rico are quite valuable. The Angola team and the Puerto Rican team are both World Cup teams. The teammates are essentially the main players in the World Cup. Although the Croatian team did not send first-class players to participate, their solid basketball base nonetheless makes the team competitive.

With the return of Yi Jianlian in the last three games, the Chinese team's lineup became more complete, and Li Nan's rotation gradually stabilized. In the back row, Guo Ailun, Zhao Jiwei, Fang Shuo and Zhao Rui showed a stable arrangement. The positions of Yi Jianlian, Wang Zhelin and Zhou Qi were essentially stable. Zhou Peng, Abu Dushan and Miao Xiaochuan on the front line were relatively determined. Playing time, so the variable of men's basketball is not very important, who can get the last two places will be the suspension of men's basketball preparation for the sprint stage.

After several rounds of hot matches, the crop of the Chinese men's basketball team is that the lineup tends to be stable, and the cooperation between the various positions is essentially formed. There are also numerous summaries in the details of cracking the defense, counterattacking protection, and internal and external line transfer.

However, the current Chinese men’s basketball team still faces some challenges. The departure of Ding Yan Yuhang's team weakened the Chinese team's forward-thinking ability. This weakness was evident especially in a hot match against the Puerto Rican team. Due to the lack of strong offensive ability during the offensive period, the Chinese team led by almost 20 points. Under the opponent's sentiment, and ultimately relying on Yi Jianlian's performance in the last quarter alone scored 12 points to turn the tide. In addition, the color of Cameroon and other opponents is a little lacking, which also makes the strength and intensity of the Chinese men's hot basketball experience still low, especially before the European team only the Croatian team, which did not send the main force, this one Chinese men's basketball team actually I did not experience the test of a really strong opponent.

On May 23 and 25, the Chinese men's basketball team will play the final two hot matches with Brazil. Prior to these two games, the Chinese team's 12-man lineup will also be released.

Harvest and challenge, the men's basketball team, which will launch at home in 2019, will leave unforgettable memories for the new men's basketball team. This is the first time in the World Championship of Men's Basketball and World Cup history to expand the scale of the competition to 32 teams. And an enemy deserves the performance of the Chinese men's basketball team.

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Editor: Chen Xiaoyun
Published: August 14, 2019
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