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The first part of public funds released in the second quarter, financial and consumer leaders is still the "good heart" loan. Daily Economic News


On July 15, the first group of public funds in the 20th quarter of 2019 was strongly attacked, and some of the 12 companies including Qianhai Kaiyuan, Rongtong, Nanfang, Wanjia, Tianhong and Ping An were the first who showed. It involves almost 100 fundraising products.

The "Daily Economic News" reporters got together and set out to find the most favorable crimes of the first part of public funds. At the same time, what changes should the public fund make to the positions?

The stock exchange still loves financial and consumer skulls

In the first half of 2019, the public offers encouraged a wave of consumption, and the food and drink sector, especially the alcoholic industry, was attractively attracted by various funds. "Newspaper Daily News" reporter pointed out that since the end of the second quarter, financial and consumer main shares are still the "good heart" stock exchange.

According to the data of the Foundation's second quarterly report, Guizhou Moutai, Ping An, Wuliangye, Gree Electric, Yili, Wenshi, CITIC Securities, Poly Real Estate, Midea Group, and Changchun Gaoxin were among the top ten in the public borough, and were promoted to most of the ten most difficult stocks favored by the first set of public funds in the second quarter.

Among them, 96 foundations held Kweichow Moutai at the end of the second quarter, holding 2,212,200 shares, holding a borspot of 2.186 billion gallons. Since the press time, Shangtou Morgan owns the value of Guizhou Moutai with a market value of 422 million yuan, followed by Tianhong Fund and TEDA Manuvieja Fund. Similarly, the borrowing of more than 1 billion dollars is also shares of China Ping An, Wuliangye, Gree Electric, Yili, etc., revealed data at the end of the second quarter, with total of 92 public funds held the second most incredible shares of China Ping An 2267.32 Ten thousand shares, with a market value of 2 billions of yuan, 67 public funds held a heavy warehouse holding alcoholic liquor leading Wuliangye 1,812.62 million shares, holding a bustoms of 1,512 billion yuan.

With regard to industrial configuration, the first set of A shares owned by the second quarterly report was mainly focused on production: financial industry; informed transmission, software, information technology; real estate industry and mining industry.

Position adjustments present a polarization

The broad flows of A stocks since April led to a large number of funds accumulated in the first quarter. Many fund administrators have lowered their positions, but some fund administrators have chosen to go against the trend and the market is polarized.

The multiple share funds of the Pingyuan Bottom were excluded. For example, the mix of Ping An-transformation and innovation will adjust the position of 85.64% at the end of the first quarter to 71.47%, and the reduction will be stronger. Pioneering positions have changed from 85.6% and 92.85% at the end of the last quarter to 82.86% and 92.17% respectively. Liu Junting, the administrator of the Bottom Pingding Dingtai, said in the quarterly report that in the second quarter, in front of market configurations, the financial considerations of the perspective of defense on the one hand reduced the general position appropriately; For example, the configuration of food and drink, medicine and other sectors partially reduced the flexibility of the portfolio. In the market meeting process, the net value of the foundation was gradually stabilized and rebound.

In addition, in the second quarterly report of many funds, the "Newspaper News" reporter also found a strategic placement fund – the South three-year closed operation strategic allocation a flexible requirement mix, although still primarily based on connection configuration, but still The requirement of shareware fell slightly , of 3,41% at the end of the first trimester to 3.26%.

However, some fund administrators chose to counterpersonate the "add-on". For example, the chief of the management of the Xu Jiahan Foundation manages Tianzhi's core growing mix. Of 97.33% at the end of the first quarter to 91.25%.

Although the direction of position adjustment in the second quarter is different, the base manager is more cautious about the market perspective. The endogenous nature of the economy, from the data published, shows a model of stable consumption and weak investment, due to the high debt debt, a local government investment space is very limited, and investment is also very limited.

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