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The League Bell has won 10 rounds, Real Madrid is still hit 5th – Sports Undecided Newspaper

With the extraordinary governor from Oolong and Vazquez won, the "Galaxy Battleship" finally eliminated the "bat" 2-0, earning 2 consecutive victories at home.

Real Madrid took home 2-0 to win Valencia, Vazquez won a goal to win the victory. (Photo: AFP)

(Spain, Madrid, 2nd) In the 14th round focus in La Liga on Saturday, Real Madrid played home against Valencia, with the low team defending gas for Oolong and Vazquez noted, the "Galaxy Battleship" finished in 2-0 . Destroy the "bat" and win 2 consecutive victories at home.

In the first 13 minutes of the game, only 9 goals were lost in the first 13 games, but the league lost the league in the 8th minute. Carvajal steals the visiting party guard Gabriel to the right side, and then removed Gaya to pass the ball. The gas nodded in front of the goal, but accidentally entered the goal, Real Madrid led 1-0.

It was not until the 83rd minute that Real Madrid had successfully sealed the victory. Binzma knocked the left side of the penalty area, Vazquez drove the ball before the penalty. The Galaxy battleship defeated Valencia 2-0, and the score increased to 23 points. The ranking also ascended to the V.

The Real Madrid "Da Sheng" Bell can not yet bring the Champions League back to La Liga, in the league, accumulating 10 rounds of 793 minutes, it has failed to break the door, the longest goal for his Liga career, the last goal already It's at the beginning of September this year.

Katouis saves her face again

In the second half, Valencia completely controlled the scene and lost the opportunity in the 72th minute. Chelsea's boss, Bashuyai, captured the battle of Valané, the defender of Real Madrid, and went to the meeting in the middle of the penalty. However, he was attacked by former teammate Kato Toss, and he lost his chance to contribute.

As the most important signature of Real Madrid this season, Kato Iss's performance was endlessly increased by the media, but after Solari took an office, he played 7 games and won 4 times, even if the last round of the League Galaxy 3 ball was a failure, but he still With the outstanding performance, the team is the best. Kato Iss is not the first to block the ball. In September this year, Madrid Derby, he also blocked Griezmann's single shooting with his face, highlighting his fight.

In front of such great performance by competitors, Navas, Real Madrid's goalkeeper, who is dissatisfied with the substitute, can only swallow his heart, and the period of leaving the team may not be far away.

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