Monday , January 25 2021

The new browser based on Microsoft based on Chromium will also have a Mac version

Despite pre-installing Windows systems, Microsoft's own browser from Eksgrandujo has traded a car after a year. And just after the news of a new browser was released earlier this week, the company officially announced today that they are using the Chrome software (Chrome based on it) for large-scale browsers. Terrestrial renovation The new browser will be available in Windows 10, including Windows 7, 8, and even Mac.

So what's the name of the new browser? The answer is Edge, yes, like the current one. Microsoft said that the look and feel of the new browser will be essentially the same as in the past, and the main changes will be internal, to be consistent with current web standards. This means that the existing Edge can accept many updates to incorporate chromium changes. At the same time, the new Edge will also be able to successfully support the Mac platform. In fact, Microsoft last year used an open source to develop a mobile version of the Edge web browser for Android and iOS, and today's movement is not too wonderful.

From this information, these measures should improve the experience of the Edge, and continue to be close to Microsoft's positive attitude to an open source, but the above does not seem to be the main reason for the company to turn to Chromium. On the contrary, because for the developers, the current version of the Earth from the computer has almost been forgotten. The actual trials will be carried out almost always in Chrome, which will cause Edge to make a proper reading of some web pages. Content. In addition, according to the Statista company, the current market share is only 4.24%, and even the rare IE market share is more than that. How to eliminate these dilemmas may be Microsoft's highest priority.

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