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Trucks intentionally out of the steel plate Xinjiang Dabancheng Lianhuo fast road download | Xinjiang | Dayucheng | Steel_Sina News

Original title: trucks intentionally far from the steel plate Xinjiang Dabancheng Lianhuo of high fast key

Beijing News (Reporter Konka) On January 25, a truck driver accidentally split a few loads in the Lianhuo Freeway in the Xinjiang High-speed Traffic Police Dabancheng Brigade's jurisdiction. According to the traffic police, each steel is about 5 tons in weight. From today (January 26), about 4 p.m., control measures were taken to clean. The Xinjiang High-Speed ​​Traffic Police Department's staff said that the current time in Yucheng's direction reminded the vehicles to go over.

Accident cleansing Respondents for the image

The picture of the scene shows that there are many state plates scattered on the highway, and one of the cranes is isolated on the side of the crane and placed on the big truck next to it.

According to police police traffic, at the second hour last night, when the large truck of the Ningxia license passed the 3498KM of the G30 motorway, the stack fell due to the robust linkage, and some road facilities were damaged. "Total plates have been dropped. Each stone plate has a length of about 14 meters, a width of 2.7 meters, and a weight of about 5 tons." The traffic police introduced that due to heavy steel plates and difficult cleaning, today (January 26) at 4 p.m. Start the one-way road closure and clean the scene and make temporary breaks to the road leading to Dabancheng.

Xinjiang's Traffic Police published the conditions of this afternoon, saying that the Dabancheng Brigade controlled the control of the Lianhuo Lake station from the Lianhuo Freeway to the Salt Lake Toll Station. The Xinjiang High-Speed ​​Police Police Podium's stick said that because the road section clears the scene of the accident, the vehicle towards Yucheng City reminds you to pass over.

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