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Yunnan to increase the intensity of travel-related travel, clean up the tourism market | Yunnan _ Sina


Original title: Yunnan to increase travel intensity, clean up tourism market Source: Xinhua News Agency

Xinhua News Agency, Kunming, August 17 (reporter Yao Bing) The reporter learned from the press conference on order rectification of the tourism market in Yunnan Province held on the 16th, that in the first half of this year Yunnan Province has investigated 1,495 travel cases and imposed an administrative fine of 16,074 million. Yuan. Yunnan at the same time strengthened his efforts for "handover" in the brigade. Currently, the court has closed seven cases of "delivery" in the travel case and investigated 31 criminal duties.

Since April 2017, Yunnan Province has continued to promote orderly rectification of the tourism market. "Several opinions of the Yunnan Provincial Government on Accelerating Transformation and Upgrading of Tourism", "The Eight Exceptions of Tourism Employees in Yunnan Province" have been promulgated consecutively, hoping to be effective. Containing chaotic images of forced consumption and insulting of tourists in the tourism market.

Yunnan Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism and Li Gui introduced that in the first half of the year, the province's tourism department investigated and handled 202 travel cases, punished 61 travel agencies and punished 73 travel guides, canceled, canceled or revoked 145 travel agencies, and have canceled or revoked tourist guide qualifications. 48 people, closed and straightened 157 trading companies. The province's public safety departments handled 184 cases involving bribery, including 22 criminal cases, 95 criminal cases, 162 administrative cases and 274 administrative detentions. In addition, market inspection, taxation, transportation and other departments of Yunnan Province have also investigated a number of travel cases.

The conference also reported 19 cases of specific travel cases, such as the specific shopping sites designated by Kunming Henglang Travel Agency, the cash supervisor of Lijiang Bo Yue Travel Agency and the bribe case of a certain Chinese, 11 of which were administrative penalty cases and 4 there have been cases of public safety. 4 cases were criminal punishment cases.

It is worth noting that since adjusting the order for the tourism market, Yunnan Province has intensified its efforts for "transfer" in travel. There are currently 14 cases involving "delivery of execution" and 91 persons involved in the case, and mandatory measures 47. People for whom the court has already decided to close 7 cases have been investigated for a crime involving 31 people.

Li Ligui introduced that although the order of the tourist market in Yunnan Province is generally improving, the unjustifiably low price has not completely eradicated, and the gray interest rate chain has not completely eradicated. The next step will continue to strengthen the order of the tourism market. After the more severe situation of high pressure.

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