Wednesday , August 17 2022

26,764 candidates registered in the Caribbean for the October elections


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The Register reported that 121,194 candidates for the regionals were registered in the country. On the Coast, Bolívar (5,170) has the most candidates and San Andrés (136) has the least.

The Registrar reported that until midnight last Sunday, in the midst of reviewing and approving the records submitted by political parties and movements, as well as major groups of citizens from across the country, they had been received on the entity's pre-registration platform of 131,312 applications, of which 121,194 were approved as registrations.

In total, 179 candidates registered for the governors, 5,270 for mayors, and there were 334 lists with 3,702 candidates for assemblies, 9,650 lists with 97,844 candidates for municipal councils and 3,366 lists with 14,199 candidates for Local Board of Directors, JAL.

"On Monday morning, the National Register of Civil Status will continue to review the registration documents, and the various locations will send the documents to the national headquarters, for the digitization and alignment of the voting cards," he said. the entity of the Electoral Organization.

Candidates can make modifications to applications submitted by resignation and non-acceptance until next Friday, August 2nd. And by August 4, the Registrar will publish the definitive list of registered candidates and send it to the appropriate agencies to check for disabilities.

In the Atlantic, there were 3,656 candidates, Bolívar 5,170, Cesar 3,944, Cordova 4,159, La Guajira 2,445, Magdalena 4,423, San Aandrés 136 and Sucre 2,801.

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