Thursday , September 29 2022

A renowned merchant dies in a traffic accident on the way to Pasto


An important traffic accident took place yesterday morning on a kilometer two of the road from De Pasto to the Chachaguí municipality, northeast of Nariño.

The retailer Wilson Alberto Ruano Paz, 53, and his companion Diana Maria Montilla Solarte, 28, died in the traffic crash.
As could be established, the case would have occurred at 15:30. when people went to the capital Nariño.

When they reached a curve, the driver of the car, who was Diana Maria, did not turn to the left and went straight to the abyss.

Although one side of the armor jacket was brushed against the edge of the protective barrier, the heavy carriage dropped to about 600 meters high.

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"We saw a few lights jumping in the high part, it seemed as if it were a fire, but from one moment to another they hit a raft and the lights jumped, until they hit two trees, there was a very loud murmur … until it was heard that it fell to the river Pasto, we did not know what it was, "said some young people who left in the Polvorín district.

Wilson Alberto Ruano Paz, who was one of the most recognized entrepreneurs in Nariño, was a majority shareholder of the Pollos Ruano company. Among his family members, friends and partners he was recognized as an entrepreneur, who started with a small micro-enterprise in the Mocondino sector, in Pasto.

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