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A workout that burns more calories than running


When it comes to losing weight, it is necessary to reach a calorie deficit in our body. I mean Eat far fewer calories than you consume. Popular wisdom always attributed to cardio exercises (running, swimming, cycling) All the responsibility for this phenomenon to occur (a medium-sized person can burn up to 10 calories per minute if he is walking at a good pace). But now the world of fitness is much more effective Strong exercises

This is evidenced by a study done by the State University of North Dakota, which monitored the aerobic and anaerobic energy expenditure of a group of participants. The researchers found that the subjects lost on average 346 calories in just 13 minutes (which equals 26 per minute) after completing these six exercises: bench press, Inclined row& # 39; (lift weights with slightly bent back), biceps, triceps, quadriceps (lifting weight with the legs) and & # 39; lying leg & # 39; (Same as in quadriceps, but this time lying face down).

You do not need to use too much weight, just repeat the exercise and take your rest

It is important to note that each exercise was performed according to a very typical protocol during winter training (HIIT): 30 seconds of great physical demand followed by another 10 rest. That's how they came to fruition three rounds of half a minute each with 15 seconds resting and so on up to the six series.

If you just started, Don't be afraid. You don't need to use too much weight, just repeat the exercise and take your rest. The biggest benefit of HIITs compared to cardio is that you stop burning calories after you stop exercising and rest, this is why they seem to be much more efficient in the face of rapid and strong weight reduction.

This exercise will only take fifteen minutes, because the parts are very fast and short

In addition, doing three rounds of 30 seconds followed by another 15 breaks allows Light and not so heavy load requires extra effort. This means that in the last stage you will feel like all your muscles are shaking which is positive as this is produced by burning muscle sugars. Therefore, since it is a very complete exercise, it is best to opt for a weight that is not too strong, one that adapts to your muscle mass and allows you to perform all three sessions without leaving your tongue at the end.

One of the benefits of HIITs is that, in addition, It doesn't take long. If you are having a very busy routine or do not have many hours each day to dedicate yourself to strength training, this exercise will only take you at most fifteen minutes, because the strokes are very fast and some movements (such as the biceps) you can perform while you dedicate yourself to something else, like reading a book, watching TV or studying. Just grab the weights and give life some strength.

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"Most HIIT workshops require less than half an hour," he says. Gretchen Reynolds, columnist for The New York Times. "Usually, it requires a few seconds or minutes of strenuous effort followed by a short rest period and repeating the sequence several times." Nor do you need to leave the "running" if you prefer. You just need to plan well on the days of the week, alternating one or the other and, most importantly, letting one day always rest. Rest is very important in body condition and weight loss, as this will prevent preventable injuries of all kinds. But do not be confused: just one or two days away, because otherwise you will return to the same and you will not get used to it.

Another category of this type of exercise is to turn it into cardio. How? For example, you can start with a light walk (to improve endurance), and after a few minutes, start doing sprints. Or also go up stairs quickly with half-minute breaks between each repetition. The key is that you are finally working out and as far away from a sedentary life as possible, otherwise you will find it impossible to lose weight.

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