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Allergy to a condom? Here are the symptoms


The use of condom You must have sex if you do not want to become pregnant or want to avoid sexually transmitted disease (STD).

While accessing this method contraception It's simple, it's a problem for some people because of its main component: latex.

This compound, extracted from the rubber shaft, can generate allergic reactions when used. In the general population hardly out of 1% suffers from latex allergy, according to data Cleveland Clinic, US Clinical Research Center.

Symptoms can range from mild to severe, depending on the level of allergic sensitivity of each person, according to information on Mayo Clinic. The reaction could worsen depending on the exposure they have to the product:

Mild symptoms: Itching, redness of the skin, hives or rash.

Severe symptoms: Sweating, laughing nose, watery and itchy eyes, sore throat, difficult breathing

Wheezing (abnormal) and cough.

There is also the scenario where the condition can be more serious and generate approx anaphylaxis. This occurs seconds or minutes after exposure to latex or any item to which we are allergic.

Symptoms include rash, nausea, vomiting, shortness of breath and shock.

What if I am allergic?

The American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology (AAAAI) details the following tips to prevent latex adverse reactions:

1) If you have trouble breathing when you are near latex, or if you have a combination of symptoms such as itching or redness, get immediate medical attention.

2) An allergist is the best doctor to determine if you are allergic to latex and will help you develop a treatment plan.

3) There is no cure for latex allergy. People with severe reactions should avoid latex.

4) If you develop rash, relax, but do not threaten your life.

5) If you are allergic to latex, you may also be allergic to some foods such as bananas, avocados and kiwifruit.

In the specific case of condoms, there are alternatives to latex. Among the options are condoms from polyurethane, polysoprene, internal latex free, and those of lamb.

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