Monday , February 6 2023

Anitta and the sexy bikini that left her fans speechless


The singer Anitta, who has been characterized as one of the most sensual artists in the urban genre, has risen to prominence on social media after sharing a sexy video with his millions of followers.

Through their stories in Instagram, the Brazilian released a short video of ca. sensual twerking very much in his own way, because he did it in a tiny swimsuit with which he left very little to his thousands of fans.

The dance has left its fans speechless, who not only fall in love with their talent, but also their fiery hip movements, circulating throughout all social networks, making sense.

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However, it was not the only hot dance in which he starred, as he also shared another sensational dance with which he boasted his back with the same tool, this after his concert in Ibiza, where he enjoyed a well-deserved party.

It was at the pace of "Fire", a song he does in collaboration with DJ Sean Paul and producer Tainy, which had a great reception among fans of the genre, who offered soft and attractive dance steps with which he also left his followers completely enthralled.

At first she appears performing a playful dance to her boyfriend the renowned surfer Peter Scooby and then he does his solo show.

Currently the artist is accompanying his song "Heat of Dumb" next to the Puerto Rican Ozuna, which in less than a month of having shared its official video on YouTube adds over 30 million views.

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