Monday , June 5 2023

Army would enlist emergency relief from 7 generals mentioned by Human Rights Watch


This was reported by Caracol Radio, which had access to this information and that suggests a kind of action in the army's dome.

A government source has assured the station that General Nicacio Martinez's situation is on the table "because the troops cannot concentrate on the operation, as it should be because they are paying attention to the news surrounding them."

And he said that the 7 officers who are under evaluation to see if they qualify for services have been mentioned by the NGO Human Rights Watch in several reports.

The case, for example, of General Juan Carlos Ramirez, commander of the Seventh Division, who would have demanded from his units results based on armed confrontations reminiscent of military doctrine, which opened the door to so-called "false positives", emphasized the radio station.


The 7 top officers who could step down from government office would be:

  • General Juan Carlos Ramirez Trujillo, commander of the Seventh Division.
  • General Diego Luis Villegas Muñoz, commander of the Volcano Working Group.
  • General Jorge Enrique Navarrete Jadeth, commander of the force generator.
  • General Raúl Antonio Rodríguez Arevalo, Chief of the Chief of Staff for Planning and Policy
  • General Adolfo León Hernández Martínez, commander of the Transformation Command of the Army of the Future.
  • General Edgar Alberto Rodriguez Sanchez, commander of the Board of Aillesilio.

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