Saturday , April 1 2023

Arrested for sexual abuse he took poison when he was in the CTI


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It was unofficially known that the prisoner, identified as Luis Alfonso Echeverria, was taken by the CTI in an ambulance to a clinic in Valledupar, where he died, despite the fact that doctors tried to revive him.

A man who was arrested for sexual abuse in children under 14 took his life taking poison while he was at the CTI in Valledupar.

Luis Alfonso Echeverria, a native of San Juan del Cesar, south of La Guajira, was arrested last Tuesday at a settlement in the Los Cortijos neighborhood, north of the capital Cesar, and apparently when he was driven in a van by court officials to the pits of the body would have ingested a substance that convinced it.

It was unofficially known that the prisoner was taken by the CTI in an ambulance to a clinic in the city where he died, although doctors tried to revive him.

The subject was accused of sexually abusing his victim when she was five years old, and after being treated as a teenager, she told him about what had happened to her, so that together with her mother they complained to her. Echeverria, knowing that he had been denounced, warned that he would rather die before going to jail.

According to the complaint, this subject would have begun to abuse the victim as a girl 13 years ago, but the minor said nothing to her mother, until 2018, when in the midst of psychological treatment, due to her depressive crises, she revealed that. what happened

"I noticed changes in my daughter, because I was little, I had to put her in a psychological treatment because I saw that anger against him; I asked him if something was wrong, but he said no. She had a crisis, she was so depressed that I tried to cut his veins one day, "said the mother of the 18-year-old woman today.

"Then, through treatment, she told everything, and then we filed the complaint. He knew about the complaint, but he was calm because he did not get an arrest. He always told me that he would rather die before going to jail." this was because he ended up dying, apparently poisoned, after being arrested for this case.

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