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Brazil is asking for a fair and fair hearing in Lula


Brazil, November 2 (Prensa Latina) The Defense Attorneys of Luiz Incacio Lula da Silva have today ratified their decision to take measures at national and international levels to ensure that the Brazilian president is granted fair, impartial and independent proceedings.

The decision came after Judge Sergio Moro, who sentenced Lula to jail, accepted the invitation of the elected President, Jair Bolsonaro, to the future Minister of Justice.

As a defense, Moro's nomination in the post confirms that the ex-president has been persecuted to prevent his candidacy in favor of the presidential and bolsonarian elections.

The founder of the Workers' Party (PT) was imprisoned in April after being sentenced to 12 years and a month in prison for evidence of alleged corruption.

The lawyer, Cristian Zanin Martins, was a forensic victim of the former head of state (2003-2010), which consists of abusing or abusing laws and procedures for political persecution.

At the time of his arrest, and even in jail, Lula led all polls in the October 2018 presidential election.

The President of the Workers' Party, Gleisi Hoffmann, called the Shame of the Century as the next Justice Minister of Sergio Moro.

"Moro took Lula out of the game to select a candidate who is now rewarding," Hoffmann said in his Twitter account, citing Bolsonaro's decision to support the federal judge.

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