Thursday , March 23 2023

Captured businesswoman and ex-husband of actress for possible links with "invisible daffodils"


The Prosecutor's Office and Dijin allege Korn was involved in a $ 10 million money laundering operation between 2012 and 2015.

According to the survey, the prisoner made overpriced exports of agricultural products to Venezuela through fictitious companies and "sent the money to various companies in Panama, Pakistan and India, under the concept of payment of professional and technical commercial services", said W Radio.

The authorities were able to detect irregular movements in a vast register to enter and to trade dollars in the Colombian market.

Among the companies with which these people traded was a company that was investigated in the United States and sub-Cuban agents were those that monitored the purchase of dollars in Colombia; as well "In the same survey controls the acquisition of parts of weapons", El Tiempo added.


The newspaper added that Korn argued that it was a third party that had acted in good faith and is a partner of government providers.

It has already been caught in Bogota, Bucaramanga, Ibagué and Cúcuta by money laundering offenses, illicit enrichment and felony countingSurely these people served as a "channel for laundering millions of dollars from the so-called invisible druggists," added Caracol Radio.

Korn is close to the national distraction because he married civilly in 2010 with actress Carolina Acevedo, in Cartagena, and in mid-2017 renewed votes in a Jewish ceremony. However, in March 2018, it was known that they ended the relationship from which his son Mathias was born.

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