Monday , June 5 2023

Edwin Luna's mother-in-law warns her daughter to marry him out of interest


MONTERREIO, MEXICO.- Becky Colombanimother of Kimberly Floreswife of singer of the band the Trakalosa, Edwin Luna, says his daughter was married due to an interest in the singer.

Colombani said in a video that she did not want to go to her daughter's wedding because "she put conditions on me and I do not accept conditions from her or anyone else …".

The woman also said that her offspring "became something I'm afraid of. She insulted me, put me forward, raised her hand. She dragged a lot of people and dragged me too. She denied me the principle."

Meanwhile, in an interview with Mexican media, Becky le warned Trakalosa's voice actor that "She (Kimberly) doesn't love you, she's packing people for money. She doesn't like dwarves."

"He's with you for ambition. If you didn't have money, you would hate him," added Colombani, who apparently doesn't appreciate his son-in-law.

Regarding her mother-in-law's words, Luna said he wasn't interested, because what mattered to them most was their happiness, now that they are getting married.

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