Monday , February 6 2023

Facebook is investigating brain scanning as an input device for RA glasses


Facebook's AR / VR research division is developing non-invasive brain scanning technology as a potential input device for its future consumer AR glasses.

While Facebook has not yet announced eyewear about augmented reality as a specific product, the company has confirmed that it is developing them. A Business Insider report earlier this year quoted a source who claimed that "it looks like traditional glasses."

"I grew up reading about BCI in the novels of William Gibson and Neal Stephenson, and I spent most of my adult life trying to figure out if BCI will be real … although I'm still surprised it turns out to be a real job," he says. Mark Chevillet, FRL research director. "Controlling machines with our minds is no longer science fiction. Real people have used BCI technologies to feed, take the hand of a loved one and even fly a jet simulator. But so far, it has only been possible to use implanted electrodes. There is no other way to do it today, but our team's long-term goal is to enable this on a non-invasive handheld device. "

A traditional controller, like those used with many virtual reality devices, would not be practical for the glasses you want to use on the street. Similarly, while voice recognition is already a mature technology, people tend not to want to give private requests to strangers as much as possible. A brain computer interface (BCI) could allow users to check their glasses and even write words and phrases, just by thinking.

"In a decade, the ability to write directly from our brains can be accepted as a fact," the Facebook post says. "Before, it sounded like science fiction. Now it feels plausible."

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