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General Romero has been aware of irregularities in the Fourth Brigade since 2017


According to a News Snail survey, the military was aware of the anomalies in employment. However, he rejected them for "inerrancy."

General Jorge Horacio Romero Pinzón, removed from the military ranks on July 9 following accusations from the magazine Weekly, is the prime suspect in the corruption scandal rocking the Fourth Army Brigade, based in Medellín.

A file that a week ago resulted in the capture of nine people, including six military personnel, including two colonels and three contractors, who would be part of an illegal network that loaded bribes, tied contracts and monitored the power lines in the brigade.

After one year of investigations, the Prosecutor's Office is ready to decide in the next few days whether there is merit or not to charge the general for these facts.

However, documents held by Caracol News could make him even more problematic; this time because since May 2017 he has noticed the irregularities in the employment of the brigade and not only has he not taken any measures to prevent bleeding, but he himself by his handwriting and writing has filed the complaints and given Christian burial to the processes.

For example, a handwritten complaint, dated May 30, 2017, was made by an officer whose name we protect for security.

It is described here as retired Colonel Harold Felipe Páez Roa, then commander of the Battle of Yariguíes Services, and Major Edwin Eduardo Carrillo, budget chief, arranged the contract documents to deliver to their suppliers. All this in line with a lawyer who gave the litigation an appearance of legality.

"Before launching each process, they met with those who worked as suppliers and organized the specifications. I tried to disable it," the anonymous official reports.

According to the witness, after his complaints, he was removed from the process of hiring a brigade.

"In April (2017), they decided to take me out of office, because it was a hindrance to what they had planned since January … And so the year ends with all or most of the processes linked," he adds.

Although there were specific names, allegations and serious anomalies to check, less than three months later the complaint was filed.

This is read in a document dated August 22, 2017 signed by General Jorge Horacio Romero as commander of the Fourth Brigade. The discard order mandates the following text: "The facts described in the complaint are disciplinary irrelevant, which does not require moving the disciplinary apparatus."

Four weeks later, General Romero buried a second complaint, this time on September 19, 2017.

The internal inquiry was opened after an anonymous man who reported irregularities in contract processes between 2016 and 2017. Specifically, an offer of Motor Vehicles in the Yariguíes Battalion, linked to the Fourth Brigade. The complaint was mentioned by Colonel Harold Felipe Páez.

However, General Romero rejected the case considering it vague and disjointed and his reasons were exactly the same as in the previous file.

Specifically, retired Colonel Harold Felipe Páez Roa and Major Edwin Carrillo, mentioned in General Romero's complaints, were caught by the Prosecutor's Office charged with contract crimes for breach of legal requirements, wrong conclusion of contracts and concert. to commit a crime

Beside them were also arrested another active colonel and captain, retired captain, sergeant major and contractors Samir Garcia, Ana Lucía Posada and Jaime Alberto Ramirez. Before a judge in Medellino, everyone pleaded not guilty on Thursday, July 25.

The prosecutor said this illegal organization benefited three companies with 31 contracts for 4.5 billion pesos between 2016 and 2017, businesses for which 10 percent of subscription charges were charged. The contracts, according to the Prosecutor's Office, were led by General Romero Pinzón.

"He was ordered by Brigadier General Jorge Horacio Romero Pinzón, commander of the Fourth Brigade, to be that company, that is the Motovehicles SAS, the winner," said the prosecutor of the case at the hearing in Medellin and was delayed. this Tuesday

The Prosecutor's Office released 33 hearing, which revealed that this illegal organization is known to have intercepted their phones and passed a request from Sergeant Jorge Echavarría to an officer assisting with the investigation: "The man is very hot, my general is very hot, because he says this as this was his bishop, the protected one, that as he turned to sink it "

In addition to General Romero's alleged responsibility, in the possible direction of the brigade's employment, it is also being investigated whether the senior officer sponsored an operation to cover these facts, as the documents these news releases reveal today.

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