Friday , November 27 2020

He earns his living on paying for answering emails from people from unknown economics

Adam solved his life by charging $ 20 in Bitcoins for answering emails. It is a professional who guides those who ask him for help on how to make decisions on Of money, Time and happiness.

"It is not uncommon for people to contact me to find out about research topics, ask for professional guidance or even personal investment advice.Although, undoubtedly, it is good to have this type of problem, the amount of emails can be high and tedious, My enthusiasm to respond, "he told the BBC without saying his name.

An explanation he inspired Mark Andriesen (A successful venture investor) that can answer any email for $ 100.

This option is then enabled on the site to earn, A service that allows people to achieve Bitcoins when completing certain tasks. "If someone wants to contact me, I tell them to do it to earn ".

However, the money is not for your profit, and received received is donated to a charity.

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